ReView – Syrah 2012 Limited Release

Every once in a while, we rediscover something truly beautiful in the depths of our Library Collection. This month we stumbled upon some reserves of our Syrah 2012 Magnum. We have always known it to be truly beautiful – bringing enough flavour and structure to a divine tasting experience. However, every year seems to add more depth and elegance to this wine. Interestingly, it seems to be maturing at a very gradual pace.


At 11 years old, it showcases a surprisingly youthful character that is also reflected on the deep, dark cherry colour in the glass, with barely a hint of terracotta. The nose too, is generously youthful, displaying that same dark cherry in the glass, in addition to black forest cake, black plums, rosemary and sage. The palate is lively, delivering a racy acidity framed by plushy tannins. Aromatics from the nose are reflected in the flavours of the wine, with a significant addition of wood smoke.


Let it develop in the glass for about 10-15 minutes, and it starts to release tertiary aromas of fresh autumn leaves and wood-fired portobello mushrooms, so do feel free to decant this wine when enjoying it. Whilst you may want to enjoy such a sumptuous Syrah over this winter period, please note that this wine will easily mature for another 10 years should you wish to put it aside for some development.


The Syrah 2012 Magnum is available at The Tasting Room, or by contacting, at R1635 per bottle. This special release is limited, and only 40 magnums are available.

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