‘Tis the season, and nothing quite says festive like a generosity of spirit – perfectly embodied by the abundance of a beautiful magnum. Ideal for festive season lunches, holiday get togethers with friends and family or just an intimate dinner for two (as Winston Churchill so wisely remarked: “A magnum is the perfect size for two gentlemen to have over lunch, especially if one isn’t drinking.”).


The perfect touch for anyone who loves to treat their guests, opening a magnum will surely cement your title of preferred host in your inner circle. As part of The Library Collection, we’ve set aside a number of magnums (and even a few 3- and 6-litre bottles!) of some of the finest vintages, including from our Rondekop range.


Not only do they make superb gifts, these larger bottles also age at a slightly slower pace compared to their 750ml siblings, enabling you to store your favourite wines for longer, to be enjoyed well into the future.

For a full list of available magnums (and other larger format wines), contact for more information.

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