September marks the transition to spring from winter, and – in the Cape – it certainly ranks as one of the most beautiful months. On the farm, merely a few extra degrees of warmth awaken the vines with budburst. From there, the shoots proliferate quickly – Christo tells me you can see them growing if you observe them closely!


The month started off on a positive note, with the rollout of the annual Tim Atkin MW South African report. Tim’s 2022 report sustains his bullish view (which we share wholeheartedly) about the quality of the Cape’s wines. Our 2020 Rondekop Rhodium received a solid 95 points. All our wines scored very well, and the strong positive trajectory of the past few years continues to gather momentum. To quote: “South Africa has proved that it can make almost any style well, while the best wines now belong among the world’s elite. That’s something worth celebrating.” – we wholeheartedly concur.


Happily, in September, we also connected batteries to our solar system. The system has been a substantial investment; however, given the world’s current energy crises, we are glad to have a significant degree of energy independence – and delighted it comes free of carbon. Our generator returns to its original intention – for absolute emergencies only! The joy of sunshine!


This month was also a busy one for travel, with nearly all of us on the road at some point. Thys spent time in London, attending Jeroboams wine day, then he jetted off to Holland, Germany and Belgium, to work with our partners in each of those markets. In the meantime, Nic, Vanessa and I were in London, where Nic presented a Masterclass at 67 Pall Mall London. I was there to learn from the master, as I will be presenting a Masterclass at 67 Pall Mall Singapore in November. Nic finishes his European trip in Burgundy, where he has gone to seek some inspiration (though, my thought is that perhaps the Burgundians should seek some inspiration from Nic – his 2021 Chardonnay is just sublime).


October will be another busy month, with Cape Wine 2022 approaching. The wine world is descending on Cape Town and Stellenbosch, and many first-time visitors will undoubtedly leave wholly amazed by the quality and diversity of wines on offer. Our schedule is already quite full, but don’t let that prevent you from getting in touch with Thys or Nic, if you’d like to visit us at Cape Wine – or, even better, on the farm.


Moving on to some achievements – we are proud to share that Stefan, George and Siwe have all made it through as semi-finalists for The Best Young Sommelier in South Africa . The final will be in early October. Bravo to you all, and good luck in the final!


Rumour has it that tourism to South Africa will be setting records this summer. We have already seen the visitor numbers creeping up throughout September, so please remember to book your tasting.


With the onset of spring and the growing season, Christo and his team can breathe a sigh of relief as planting is completed. We have added five hectares of vineyards, which has been a colossal task. But there is no time to rest, as we have now moved on to the next step in the vineyard calendar – suckering. With the spring sunshine now doing its job, there will be no time to relax – vineyards and sunshine = lots to do! Roll on season!

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