Goodbye Gravel Potholed Road

Unlike the protagonist of the 1973 Elton John classic ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’, we are not looking to hide away from the glamour of being a superstar. Instead, we’ve merely realized that losing our visitors in potholes is simply not good business! To avoid this pitfall, we are thrilled to tell you that – as of late September – the road to Oldenburg will be a smooth ride. So, instead of dodging potholes, you can enjoy the stunning scenery as you drive deep into the Banghoek Valley.


As an aside, I did take a peek at the Youtube video of Elton John’s classic. If you can find the original version of the song, it is worth a quick look – for his faux diamond glasses, if nothing else!


During August, we were able to reopen for business after the July prohibition – and it was great to have customers back with us, enjoying both the wines and the view. Without the usual frequency of international tourist flow, we are ticking over slowly, albeit a little on the quiet side. It is mid-winter, however, and we’re looking forward to seeing more and more visitors return as winter turns to spring.


Great news! On the 1st of September, we are releasing the Rondekop Per Se Cabernet Sauvignon 2019. This is the wine that was awarded the trophy for best Cabernet Sauvignon at the Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show. It is an excellent example of Nic van Aarde setting the standard for our Cabernets – the 2019 vintage was his very first on the farm, and the very first one in the new cellar. I am excited by the finesse and elegance of this wine. I am further convinced that our terroir offers a natural elegance and delicacy to our wines. Nic has unpacked this mystery with his first attempt – bravo! You can read more about this exceptional wine in our ReView section below.


At Oldenburg, we believe in continuous learning. There is always something new to learn: whether in the vineyards, cellar or about the wines. We encourage everyone to help others learn, ensuring knowledge permeates the business. It helps to keep things interesting. This month both Siwe and Siphe have passed the Cape Wine Academy South African Wine Course – with merit! Well done to both!


Every year in August August, the Cape Vintners Classic is held. Nearly every winemaker – and just about everyone in the wine business – seems to be a surfer at heart! I guess that’s called living the life! Sadly, this year’s Vintners Classic had to be postponed, but you can be certain Nic and Thys will be down in Stilbaai when it does happen, and that they’ll come back with plenty of stories.


Soon, spring will be upon us, and the fynbos garden will be in full bloom. The valley awaits you, and I promise it will not disappoint! In the meantime, I’m going back to my plough!

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