Rondekop as a Range

Why does Rondekop create such exceptional wines from extraordinary terroir?


The Rondekop Series wines represent a small selection of the best barrels – either single cultivar or a blend – from our iconic Rondekop hill. We believe there are 8 Natural Elements which uniquely impact our vineyards, creating quintessential wine producing conditions. At the centre of it all is our perfectly round hill, Rondekop: the 8th natural element.


Whilst The 8 Elements provides the foundation for our vineyards – our philosophy of working in harmony with nature provides the cornerstone for all our viticultural activities. The vineyard team understand the importance of attention to detail being the necessary ingredient to ensure the ultimate goal – the perfect grape. The team takes great pride in their vineyards and our mission to create Exceptional Wines from an Extraordinary Place.


The elevated position in the mountains gives us a unique and refreshing coolness. We believe our valley is the perfect place to grow grapes and everything we do is focused on the highest quality of wines. Over time we have gained a deep understanding of the unique set of eight natural elements that provide the foundation for our extraordinary terroir. Our ancient soils – which are predominantly weathered granites and Table Mountain sandstones – are over 600 million years old. They are perfect for water retention and their rockiness allows for deep root penetration.


We believe wine is an encapsulation of what nature does best. We are inspired by nature and committed to protect and nurture our environment. When making our wines we let the terroir talk by allowing the mysteries of Rondekop to express themselves. We harvest the grapes at optimal ripeness, applying minimal manipulation and gentle extraction in the cellar.


Our aim is to produce exceptional wines with balance and elegance at their core. We take great pride in our vineyards, our team, and our mission to create Exceptional Wines from an Extraordinary Place.



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