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Goedhuis & Co – one of the UK’s renowned fine wine merchants – recently welcomed Oldenburg Vineyards to their portfolio. We wanted to share their introduction email – and the excitement of partnering with them – with you.


Introducing Oldenburg Vineyards
Outstanding Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay from
a rising star of Stellenbosch


“To claim South Africa is currently a “bargain” is an understatement… How often do I find myself staring in disbelief at retail prices that are the same as Bordeaux or Burgundy but with the decimal point in a more wallet-friendly position, despite quality equivalent or even superior” Neal Martin


The excitement Goedhuis feels for Oldenburg and South Africa reminds us of when we first kicked off with Bordeaux and Burgundy 40 years ago. We’re catching the start of a wave, as this brilliant boutique estate owned by Adrian and Vanessa Vanderspuy draws international attention. Our first offer as a direct partner is for their award-winning white wines.


Perched high-up in the verdant Banghoek Valley, just above Stellenbosch, is Oldenburg Vineyards. Our buyers have just spent an intensive week on the farm, understanding first-hand what makes this estate so special. Their vineyards are arranged like puzzle pieces around Rondekop – a magical hill at the heart of the estate, which provides a unique, 360-degree perspective of the terroir.


In this sublime setting, alive with birdsong, wine alchemy takes place as a very rare set of natural elements converge. Nestled within a soaring mountain amphitheatre, cooling ocean winds funnel though the warm valley creating perfect temperatures both day and night, while below ground hugely diverse, mineral rich, prehistoric soils give wines of staggering elegance and complexity.

“Adrian, Vanessa and their talented team are making some of South Africa’s most exhilarating, terroir-driven wines. They are packed with precision and finesse and we are immensely proud to include them in the Goedhuis portfolio. It is an extremely exciting time to be working directly with an estate with such a bright future. There is no doubt in our minds that Oldenburg is set to become one of the most sought-after estates in South Africa.”  Tom Stopford Sackville, CEO

Read the full introduction here.

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