Teleview – October 2022

After a lot of traveling in September, everyone is back home – including Adrian and Vanessa. A lot has happened since they last visited in May, so Adrian takes us on a drive around the farm, so we can see the progress and growth in the vineyards. Nic and Adrian also taste the newly released … Continued

Teleview – September 2022

London. Amsterdam. Antwerp. The Oldenburg Vineyards Team has been on the road, sharing our journey – and our wines – with the world. From London (for the Jeroboams Portfolio Tasting, to a Masterclass at 67 Pall Mall), to Amsterdam (to visit Robuust Wijnimport) to Belgium (for the Global Wineries Wine Village event). Join us and … Continued

TeleView – August 2022

August brings us to the end of winter on the calendar, but as Nic explains we are still hoping for some more rain and cold units before Spring sets in. Planting of the new blocks continues – including the new stok-by-paaltjie Syrah vineyards, and a particularly challenging, rocky block that will be home to the … Continued

TeleView – July 2022

Winter might be the quiet season, but at Oldenburg Vineyards we are always busy with something – it’s always full steam ahead! This month, we are preparing to (re)plant the vineyards that were removed to control the spread of leafroll virus. Nic and Christo talk us through the importance of planning the planting – and … Continued

TeleView – June 2022

This month is all about the making of a great Chardonnay. Nic starts off in the cellar, talking us through the picking decisions and harvesting process applied to our Chardonnay grapes. He lets us in on the secret of allowing the juice to oxidize, and then natural fermentation kicks in, beginning the process of turning … Continued

TeleView – May 2022

Join Adrian for a drive around the farm, on a beautiful Autumn day. We check in with Nic and Christo, talk about out cover crop strategy (to control vigour and improve berry quality), take a peek at the site of the new Cabernet Franc block and they end up in the cellar sampling some 2021 … Continued

Teleview – April 2022

April sees the end of harvest approach, with the grapes taken off the vines, fermentations completing and malolactic fermentation starting on some of the wines. Nic talks us through the process of pressing, and he and Adrian taste the sensational new release – Grenache Noir 2020.  

Teleview – March 2022

This month is all about the newly released Rondekop Stone Axe 2019 – a beautiful Syrah from two vineyards, right at the top of Rondekop. Adrian and Nic chat through what makes this wine so special, while they have a little taste and tell you all about it to whet your appetite for this spectacular … Continued

Teleview – February 2022

Harvest 2022 has arrived, and Nic and the team are spending their daylight hours in the cellar, creating our next vintage. In the vineyards, Christo talks us through the process of green harvesting (removing undeveloped berries) – just another precision step in our pursuit of quality. He also talks about sampling and how to decide … Continued

TeleView – January 2022

We start off the new year by jumping on a call with Adrian and Nic, as they discuss the recent performance of our Oldenburg Vineyards Chenin Blanc 2020, which recently placed 14th on the Decanted Wines of the Year list. Nic shares his plans for our Chenin Blanc moving forward, including a mention of our … Continued

Teleview – November 2021

For the last Oldenburg Vineyards’ Views of 2021, we reflect on the year that has been. Adrian talks us through the latest happenings in the vineyards – including a literal closer look at the profile holes. Back in The Tasting Room, we have a look at the magnum of the Rondekop Per Se 2019.  

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