Now and again, I take a few minutes to reflect on how I got to this point. How would things have turned out if such and such had happened, and who played a significant role? As it would with most, family members feature highly in these thoughts, and there is no doubt that family is … Continued


May is an enchanting time in the Cape – we find ourselves amidst the breathtaking beauty of autumn with its rich palette of golden hues. The still-warm days give way to swiftly cooling evenings, carrying a crispness that lingers into the early mornings. The once-dominant summer winds have subsided, allowing the mountains encircling the farm … Continued

Rondekop Translated – The Next Chapter

To some, it would just be a round hill – nothing to see here, move on.   To us, it’s somewhere between our North Star and the centre of our Universe. It is extraordinary and exceptional all at once. Let me tell you why we believe this is the perfect place to make wine.   … Continued

Sorted, Sorted and Sorted!

This year, we marked the earliest completion of harvest ever, with everything done by March 4th. A combination of the bone-dry summer with its high winds and several heat spikes meant the vineyards were ready early for picking and releasing the stress they endure when carrying fruit. The vines said: “Enough is enough!”.   Our … Continued

“It’s Not My First Rodeo!”

Harvest is always a busy time, and this month has been no exception, with a harvest concertina effect. Each cultivar has ripened faster than what is typical, so all the timelines are closer together. Last year’s excessive winter rains gave the vines ideal conditions for growth in a cool but dry and windy spring. As … Continued

Regenerative Entanglement

Happy New Year! In keeping with the times, I will start the year and this piece with a question or two to Chat GPT: Me: Define Regenerative Farming in a way that references Merlin Sheldrake’s Entangled Life and applies it to viticulture? GPT’s Answer: Regenerative farming, inspired by Merlin Sheldrake’s “Entangled Life,” involves cultivating a … Continued

Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’…

And with almost a blink of an eye, we roll into the end of another year! On one of my daily Rondekop walks, I snapped the header photo of the rolling of the cover crops, and the song Rawhide from the Blues Brothers popped into my head. Apologies for those of you who know it … Continued

Imagine that!

My life has been dominated and shaped by travel – best summarised by the fact that I have not lived in South America or Antarctica, but all other continents covered. Regardless of how much one travels, most people find a trip overseas generally registers between exciting and exhilarating – I still remember flying into Paris … Continued

The Yeast Whisperer

One of my favourite childhood memories is the long summer days when it felt like time stood still – waking up late, having a quick breakfast (cooked, obviously), then pool time. The memory that comes back most often is that almost everything was done barefoot – shoes were a drag, and shoe shopping was total … Continued

Reflections at Twenty – The Ladies

It’s been a busy August on the farm. Often one thinks winter is ‘down time’ when the vines slumber, the wine rests quietly in new barrels, and (to quote an old friend) – “jobs right – cool bananas!” – (whatever that means)?!? Not this farm, though. The vineyards have been pruned and new vineyards planted. … Continued

Reflections At Twenty

Winter has turned from extremely wet to crisp and cold with the occasional warm day. The Valley shines when the sun shines, and the mountain backdrop nicely silhouetted on the cobalt blue sky adds another dimension. There is no snow yet; however, cold units – a measurement of hours below 10°C, are building nicely – … Continued


In June, we jumped in the time machine and returned to a good old-fashioned Cape winter – cold and wet. So wet that we had to deal with quite chaotic flooding conditions and sustained some damage. When nature rages, its incredible power is released, and in only a few minutes, nightmares can become actualities. In … Continued

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