Review – Rondekop Rhodium 2015 (Double Magnum)

Last month, we discussed the virtues of  magnums and the benefits of investing in these sizeable bottles. Now, we celebrate the passing of another year and the festivities this time of year brings with it, and the promise of a fresh start.   This month we have opted for a small and exclusive release of … Continued

Teleview – November 2023

Some chilly weather made its way through the valley this November, but summer is on the way and the vines are looking green and gorgeous. Adrian visits one of our young Cabernet Franc vineyards, we hosted a group of the world’s foremost MW’s, we meet our new Head Sommelier and we taste some Chardonnay and … Continued

Flower & Fruit Set

Did you know that grapevines flowered? It’s not common knowledge, as the flowers are so tiny, they can’t really be seen. Flowering is (as with most crops) a very important part of the fruiting process – and for wine grapes in particular, flowering and the conditions during this period can have a marked effect on … Continued

Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’…

And with almost a blink of an eye, we roll into the end of another year! On one of my daily Rondekop walks, I snapped the header photo of the rolling of the cover crops, and the song Rawhide from the Blues Brothers popped into my head. Apologies for those of you who know it … Continued

Review – Magnums

This holiday season, wine collectors and enthusiasts are in for a delightful treat as three exceptional magnum wines are being re-released from our treasured library stock. These extraordinary magnums offer a unique opportunity to savour well-aged, collectible wines that are perfect for gifting and celebrating. In the words of Winston Churchill, “A magnum is the … Continued

Teleview – Oct 2023

Adrian takes a closer look at the farm after some hefty rains contributed to both the good and the bad. Christo takes it down to the wire with our new Chardonnay block and explains the progression of how we train new vines.  

Early Shoot and Leaf Growth

As the vibrant hues of spring paint our vineyards with renewed life, it is an ideal time to delve into the mesmerising world of early shoot and leaf growth in vineyards. Understanding this crucial stage is like appreciating the overture to a symphony. In the heart of the vineyard, new shoots burst forth from dormant … Continued

Imagine that!

My life has been dominated and shaped by travel – best summarised by the fact that I have not lived in South America or Antarctica, but all other continents covered. Regardless of how much one travels, most people find a trip overseas generally registers between exciting and exhilarating – I still remember flying into Paris … Continued

Review – Merlot 2014 Magnum

It’s no secret that Merlot can be a fickle varietal – both in the vineyard, and in the glass. That said, we have been fortunate to have produced fantastic vintages in the past – thanks in no small part to our higher altitude and cooler climate site.   Despite our penchant for success with Merlot, … Continued

Teleview – Sept 2023

  Get your raincoats and umbrellas out – it’s been a wet, wet, wet September. Nic tells us all about what’s happening in the vineyards and the cellar, Christo talks is through some exciting new plantings that have been added to the farm and we take a look at the very special Merlot 2014 Magnum. … Continued

The Yeast Whisperer

One of my favourite childhood memories is the long summer days when it felt like time stood still – waking up late, having a quick breakfast (cooked, obviously), then pool time. The memory that comes back most often is that almost everything was done barefoot – shoes were a drag, and shoe shopping was total … Continued


At Oldenburg Vineyards we embrace not only the art of winemaking but also the precious ecosystem of fynbos that graces our landscape. This month, we delve into fynbos, the smallest of the six floral kingdoms, uncovering its significance at the farm, its role in sustainability, and its influence on the flavours that tantalize our senses. … Continued

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