The Exceptional from The Extraordinary

Oldenburg Vineyards is nestled in an elevated valley of outstanding beauty, embraced by a spectacular mountain amphitheatre. At the heart of our vineyards lies Rondekop—our iconic, round hill. Over several generations of vineyards, we have translated the secrets and mysteries of this extraordinary Place, crafting exceptional wines. We invite you to immerse yourself in the tranquillity and beauty of our vineyards through a visit to The Tasting Room, where you can experience the unique flavours and aromas of our exceptional wines firsthand.

You will find us 8 kilometres from Stellenbosch, on the road to Franschhoek. Off the beaten track, a winding road leads deep into the Banghoek Valley. Our unique location benefits from the confluence of 8 Natural Elements, creating a distinctive terroir and allowing us to make wines that truly reflect their Place.

The 8 Elements


The Tasting Room

at Oldenburg Vineyards

A Room with The View

Inspired by the natural beauty of our surroundings, The Tasting Room is a tranquil space where you can relax and explore our wines. We focus on making the wines understandable, allowing you to connect with our vineyards, viticulture, and winemaking and to better understand our Place.

Our team of sommeliers take you on a journey from the complex to the understandable and fun, always bringing the experience back into your glass....

…and no doubt – every view is spectacular.

Reservations Essential

Visit The Tasting Room

Regenerative Farming And Our Vineyards

At Oldenburg Vineyards, our deep belief in the power of Nature and our dramatic natural surroundings inspire us. Our commitment to Regenerative Farming is a testament to this. It emphasises promoting soil health, improving biodiversity, and overall ecosystem resilience within and around the vineyards. This approach goes beyond sustainable practices, aiming to improve the land over time, and aligns perfectly with our custodial responsibilities for this Place. We take great pride in our World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) accreditation as a Conservation Champion, which underscores our philosophy and commitment to sustainable and responsible farming.

While the 8 (natural) Elements provide the terroir foundation for our vineyards, our philosophy of working in harmony with Nature provides the cornerstone for all our viticultural activities.

With meticulous attention to every detail, our vineyard team ensures the ultimate goal—the perfect grape. They work tirelessly, from pruning to harvesting, to ensure that only the best grapes are used in our wines. Our dedicated team takes great pride in our vineyards and our mission to create Exceptional wines from an Extraordinary place. Their passion and commitment are reflected in every bottle.

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Exceptional wines from extraordinary terroir
The Rondekop series comprises our iconic wines, which purely express their sense of place. Rondekop, the magical round hill at the heart of our vineyards, is at the center of the unique confluence of our 8 Natural Elements. These wines epitomize our remarkable terroir.

Our Wine
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Distinctive wines with a personality of place
The Oldenburg Vineyards series is a collection of exceptional single cultivar wines, showcasing the diversity of our vineyards, soils and microclimate. These wines are an illustration of balance, finesse and the coming together of viticulture and winemaking.

Our Wine
Oldenburg Vineyards Stellenbosch Wines CL

Delicious wines without compromise
Created to convey the refreshing coolness of our extraordinary terroir, the CL Series is simply cool, in every sense of the word. A perfect combination of elevation, cooling winds and the proximity of our mountain amphitheatre cause lower afternoon and evening temperatures, creating a cooler micro-climate.

Our Wine
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The Rondekop Wine Club

Become a part of the Oldenburg Vineyards family. Get to know our Place, our Wines and our People, and share the journey with us.


The Homestead

at Oldenburg Vineyards

Exclusive villa accommodation offering the ultimate in luxurious comfort. Surrounded by a spectacular garden, vineyards, olive groves and our breath-taking mountain amphitheatre, The Homestead offers sumptuous villa living in a serene setting.

Stay at the homestead

Making A Difference


One of our core beliefs is that wine encapsulates what Nature does best. A founding principle and our ongoing mission is to leave our part of the planet in a better place. We are inspired by the natural beauty surrounding us, and through several initiatives, we are committed to protecting and nurturing our environment.

By adopting regenerative farming practices, we aim to create a harmonious and self-sustaining environment that, in turn, can contribute to the development of exceptional wines. The emphasis on soil health, biodiversity, and holistic management aligns with the idea that a healthy vineyard ecosystem produces grapes that are more distinct and expressive of their terroir, with optimal flavour concentration, positively influencing the character of the wines.

Our holistic conservation approach includes many aspects. We practice regenerative farming, maintain indigenous fynbos corridors, set aside protected indigenous plant areas, use cover crops, use solar for power independence, and use natural predators - guinea fowl, wasps and ladybirds, for pest control. These initiatives help reduce our carbon footprint and increase the farm's biodiversity, creating a more sustainable and resilient ecosystem. Our World Wildlife Fund (WWF) accreditation as a Conservation Champion is a testament to our efforts and reminds us that we are travelling in the right direction.

Making A Difference


One of our founding principles, central to our mission, is working with our staff and local community to create a progressive environment for each. It is essential for us to play our part and to have a meaningful and positive impact on their lives.

Our core philosophy is that continuous training allows growth and feeds motivation to strive for great work. Much of what we do on the farm and in the vineyards is done by hand, which is aligned with quality. This work becomes satisfying when the rationale for each precise intervention is understood - the individual and team know that their part of the process is as important as any other - sitting at the heart of motivation.

We also know that it is important to play a responsible role in our local community. By sponsoring programs that advance children's education, we play a vital role in improving lives.

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